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Today started off kinda suckish, but ended beautifully.  Walked the Comcast guys around for a bit and let them in to the buildings and the apartments they needed to get to, and one of them hit on me...it was awkward.  I had to call the psychology department to see what times I could go and get my academic standing petition signed, found out I can get one part (out of three) signed tomorrow afternoon, which is exciting!  And then I sent an e-mail out to the Chair's secretary to ask for an appointment with the Chair so that SHE could sign my petition (part two of three).  Got a rather nasty e-mail back from the secretary (all very professional, but still with that underlying nastiness that just makes you feel like you're stupid), and called her the second I got it.  She was still nasty on the phone and told me that the school, because of budget cuts, wasn’t allowing any more of the petitions to be signed, but it's really up to the department itself if they sign any more...this woman has no real say in WHO gets signed, yet she wanted to sound important so she was telling me "no, they wont sign it" when she didn’t, in fact, know if they would or not...eventually she put me through to the Chair herself, who, after I had explained my situation a bit, said that she'd be happy to sign my petition, and she looked on her calendar personally and put me in for Tuesday.  Stupid fucking secretary scared the holy shit out of me for nothing...or maybe because she felt like she COULD, so she should.  I plan to give her a dirty look when I have to see her on Tuesday...because there's nothing else I can really do to her.  Evil evil woman.

After work was an impromptu dinner at Joreth’s...where he had to test the spring rolls on me (oh how I HATE it when people test food on me...it hurts so much!-notice the sarcasm) and then gave me yet more food.  God, I left there even MORE stuffed than a stuffed whale...if that's possible.  God, everything was so good! And then a cherry gallette to top it off! Oh god I was in heaven!  I plan to bring Sage with me soon so that she can finally taste of the wonder that is Nona's Restaurant.  She's excited, as is Michaela.  I'm still a bit tired from all the food, but I figure I need to stay up a bit and work off SOME of the food when my stomach can handle the crunches...at the moment it would hate me to no end if I tried crunches.  :-P

Instead of helping Michaela move last Saturday, a few of us (Joel, Joey, Charles, Michaela and me) went to Cherry's sushi in San Jose, which was GREAT!  Then there was a great small party on Saturday night, some of the pictures are up on FB by Michaela.  A small impromptu party turned in to a party that filled my room with people.  The party was for Michaela because she didn’t have to move, and she still wanted to see everyone, so she and I decided to use my room (yes, only my room, my roommates were home and wanted the living room) as the party place.  Sarah, Monica, Sage, Sam, Joel, Joey, Michaela, Maimone and me all crammed in to my little room...thank god for the round chair!  I had a great time, and I hope everyone else did as well...they seemed to for the most part.

Life seems to continue being great for me, it actually seems to keep getting better, if that's possible.  I've got what I want out of the new year, or at least one thing that I want, let's see if I keep it.  Here's to hoping and working for it I guess.

My one and only real new year’s resolution...to get off of academic probation.  This means getting as close to all As as I can get.  Everyone that reads this, I give you full permission to ask me and bug me about how school is going, and to bother me about doing the reading and everything else where school is concerned.  I give you full reign to bother and pester and e-mail and text me about it. 
I've no idea what my classes are as of yet, since I haven’t been able to sign up for them, but I really REALLY want the espionage fiction class, the World Myths class, the Literature in English I class taught by Avery (who is the English department's advisor...SQUEE), and the Jane Austen class (which I will beg for on my hands and knees), but if I don’t get in to the Jane Austen Class, I want to take a class called "Judaism, Christianity, Islam" which is described as: Beliefs, practices, social organization, and history of the three monotheistic religious traditions; importance of these traditions for European and Middle Eastern civilizations.  Sounds REALLY interesting...but the Jane Austen class comes before it.  I kinda want the one unit class on James Bond as well, which would be lovely.  So I guess we'll see what I'm able to sign up for on Wednesday (at the latest...hopefully I'll be signing up on Tuesday night).

Schedule (see how little there is on it!!):
Tomorrow/Friday: Part 1 of 3 signed on my petition.  and Waltz! Bringing Amy B with me and we're both working the door, yay!
Saturday: gobs of work...sadly
Sunday: going to see Defiance with a friend (hopefully...praying everything works out fine and no extra work is needed)
Tuesday: part 2 of 3 signed for sure, hopefully 3 of 3 signed as well and turned in to the registrar's office
Next Friday: FNB again! With Sage! And possibly Michaela!
Next Saturday: NFP cast party! YAY! Don’t know if I'm bringing someone or not yet, we'll see

HOPEFULLY there's work in there SOMEWHERE...they don’t have me scheduled for anything, so I guess we'll see.


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Jan. 16th, 2009 08:26 am (UTC)
See you at the party next week! (Hopefully ... if we can find a babysitter. :-( )
Jan. 16th, 2009 08:27 am (UTC)
*crosses fingers*
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