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So, for those of you who dont follow on FB, I've been searching for a job, and I've sent out a lot of resumes, some from friends' recommendations.  I've had several interviews, one call back for a second interview (which I have yet to hear back from, fuckers) and three job offers.  All three I've taken.  One of them I gave up officially today (a job selling wine in stores as a private contractor), and another (selling pearls down on the Warf) I'll have to give up sooner rather than later...probably next week some time. And the third I got today!! I'm so very proud of this new one, I really am!  I had the interview today at 10am and was late due to GPS malfunctions, but he was charmed by me none the less apparently since he called me at 1pm (as I had just parked my car to get on BART for another job interview at 2pm) and told me that I had the job, and asked if I wanted it.  I'll basically be a cross between a secretary and an administrative assistant since I'll be dealing with his clients, filing, and putting things in to data bases.  He said that I'll have to be licensed in a few things, but the company will pay for that.  It's only a part-time (about 20-25 hours a week) job for now, but eventually he wants someone full time.  And as the pay starts at $15 an hour, I'm fine with part-time for now, and eventually working up to full-time.  I'm super excited about getting this job since this is one that I really wanted.  He called me so fast that it makes me think that he already knew that he wanted me for the job based on talking to me on the phone.  It's right around Union Square, on Sutter Street, kinda close to the Paul Frank Store, so I'll be right in the middle of  things, which will be nice...tough I'll have to get used to taking BART in.  Going to have a celebratory dinner tomorrow night with Maimone, which is exciting to be able to have!

As I said, tomorrow/Friday is dinner with Maimone, and possibly a movie or something. Dont fully know what all yet.
Saturday will be the Winchester Mystery House with Maimone, Michaela and a few others.
Sunday is working at the Pearl place...not overly excited about that, but it'll be over soon, so might as well make money while I can yes?

Thank god for not having to stress out so much any more! It'll be nice to know that I have a job in a stable company (that is NOT retail/Warf based) and that I'll be making enough money where, if I want to save up, I can...which I will be doing.  With the new job will hopefully come a new apartment...one by myself for now.  One where Lon Chaney can run around freely and I'll be able to have parties on the weekends if I want!  A job where I can save up money to travel again...maybe Europe in a few years??



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May. 30th, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
May. 30th, 2009 10:26 am (UTC)
congrats my dear I am really proud of you
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